weaving. . .

Weaving a little fun into lunch. . .

A little fun goes a very long way when it comes to getting people of a certain height to actually eat something.
My kids aren't picky, just very unmotivated eaters. Adding a little "fancy" to their meals makes them disappear much faster and
helps me stay sane. No begging, pleading or threats of "no dessert" necessary.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Run, Run As Fast As You Can!

You can't catch him, he's the . . . muffin man?

Lunch 56!

This pumpkin muffin man was made by spreading about 3/4" of pumpkin bread batter in the bottom of a large, foil lined loaf pan. After baking, I used a cookie cutter to cut out the men. I made a teeny tiny batch of vanilla cream cheese frosting (a few spoonfuls total) and made the apron, hat and secured the detail with it.  He has a Craisin mouth (ok half a craisin), chocolate chip bits for eyes and white and semi sweet chocolate chips "glued" on, just for fun. He's making a snow angel on a bed of cheddar popcorn.

The other half of this lunch is in a totally different season. A hard boiled egg flower and green pepper stem and leaves sit in front of a grape background. I was going for a mosaic effect here, just for color and fun. A little red lizard is going along for the ride today.
Snacks: A banana, a granola bar and a bag of pretzel sticks.
Drinks: Juice, watered down of course and chocolate milk from school.

The muffin men hung out together in the fridge last night. The one without added details got devoured by my 13 month old for breakfast and the one with white eyes mysteriously disappeared when left alone (for a minute!) with a three year old this morning. Not a trace has been found. Strange.