weaving. . .

Weaving a little fun into lunch. . .

A little fun goes a very long way when it comes to getting people of a certain height to actually eat something.
My kids aren't picky, just very unmotivated eaters. Adding a little "fancy" to their meals makes them disappear much faster and
helps me stay sane. No begging, pleading or threats of "no dessert" necessary.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Lucky Stars

Lunch 64

Lunch: Cucumber and green pepper stars. Small bottle of ranch dressing tucked behind them. Ham, cheddar and lettuce roll ups. Kiwi stars, green grapes and star fruit. 
Snacks: Banana and granola bar.
Drinks: Juice box and chocolate milk.
Friend: Sea turtle.

The "lucky" color around here is green. So when the bento challenge this week was green, lucky stars were my first thought. My daughter said it looked like a leprechaun's lunch! 
Very cool thing about this lunch, she had never tried star fruit before. She LOVES it. She's begging me to buy more. Love it when that happens.